Back in the USA

I made it back to the USA I’m waiting for my connecting flight to Detroit.  My wifi works, my phone works and even Siri works.  I guess all is well with the world.  I made 13 post Camino goals on the plane coming home, sorry they are personal right now, if I list them all of you will know when I come up short.  I am very tired and need a bath and a change of clothes.  Just got a New York coffee for $3 ,not as good as my Spanish coffee but should help keep me awake.

I miss the comforts of home, but hope I don’t just fall back to old habits.  I lost some weight,not sure how much but when I had to take off my belt for security my pants wanted to fall off.  I know I put on some muscle also but I don’t want to get to far ahead of myself .  I promised myself to sign up for senior yoga, for I’m so very tight and inflexible.  I also will not shave until I go to morning mass at St. John’s, hope there is still a 9:05 mass.

It will take a few days for me to put some notes together with a good map of Spain.  The days and memories kind of float together.  Right now I’m doing what I have been doing for the past couple of days, “waiting”.  I seem to be waiting for a bus, or a plane.  I guess that means the journey is almost over when all you can think about is “home sweet home”.

Thanks again for all of your support, with out your encouragement I would have not been able to make it.

Buen Camino see you all soon.


2 thoughts on “Back in the USA”

  1. Hi Frank,

    I hope that your knee is getting better…. Being at home sure will help for sure.

    I was real happy to see your picture in Santiago. I didn’t have any doubts that you would get there…. The Lord provides…

    You are an inspiration to many people and even if the Camino is complete, you will still inspire people to go the extra mile.

    Thank you and see you in Montreal soon!

  2. Rejean it was great to hear from you. I found out my wife was sent to the hospital a few days before I finished. She did not want the kids to let me know for fear that I would not finish. I completed my walk on Sept 21 at about 2 pm so I planned on going to the pilgrim’s mass the next day. I had tears in my eyes when I finished and all I wanted to do was get home to check on Evelyn. I found out that I could take a bus from Santiago at 9:30 pm and arrive at the Madrid airport by 7 am. So I rode the bus all night and got on the plane and found myself at JFK the next day, exhausted but relieved to be back in the USA. I was flying stand by and missed my flight so I had to take a fast cab ride to Laguardia and almost missed that flight. I arrived in Detroit, with no real sleep for two days but happy to be home. I got home and took all my cloths off and threw them in the washer and spent what seemed like an hour in a hot shower. I was able to see my the next morning. The doctors are not sure what caused her vertigo, but suspect it was viral. They ruled out a stoke but she has lost her hearing on the left side. It may come back but she is learning to live with it. I think the Camino prepared me for this, its just another hill to climb and we learn to live with God’s challenges. I enjoyed meeting you and Natalie. Give her my regard and stay in touch, contact me if you are ever close to Detroit and I will do the same if we get close to Montreal. My wife has a cousin living in Quebec not sure how far they are apart. I did get a lesson from the Lord and realized that I needed to head to Saria. So I completed 193 km and finished before my right knee gave out.
    Frank – my cell is 248-229-2335 and my email is

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