A New Beginng

image imageI now begin my trip home.  Not leaving Spain and the Camino behind but continuing in its next phase.  I hope to bring the life lessons home to walk a different way but still in the “Way of St. James”.  I will share what I learned along the “way”, in hope that I have left my foolish pride behind somewhere on the rocky path.  As I wait for my plane tonight and tomorrow I will try to write down some of the things the Camino has inspired me to accomplish.  This journey was every thing I hoped it would be.  And yes miss Tina I cried when I came around the corner and saw the church of St James.  (Tina can attest I cry in movies). They were tears of joy and appreciation for every one that helped me along the way.  I have learned to trust the Lord, my family and my dear friends, crap my eyes are watering again.  I thank God for making me emotional and in the future will not hide it.

In honor of St. Jaamed I arrived for the 12 mass at 11:25 am. Not sure that I can keep that up.  Ok time to move on lunch is over so I need to kill a little time be for heading to the bus terminal for an all night ride to the airport in Madtid.

Buen Camino

see you all soon