First Night The Beginning

I was so tired when I arrived and my backpack so heavy.  But found out at the airport that I could catch the bus to Leon and would be there in 4.5 hours.  Waiting for the bus was a most  opportune connection – Kevin from Toronto he majored in Languages and was fluent in Spanish.  I sleep the entire trip to Leon and together we found a place in the center of town to sleep and eat.  The Refugio was full but they had a couple of private rooms available at @20 E.  We explored the town ate our first pilgrim meal and retired early.  Again I slept like a rock but woke up with leg cramps and that is why I am writing this at 4:00 am.  I will go back to sleep and get up for breakfast at 6:00 am.  I will get another days rest and start my walking on Saturday at 5:30 or 6:00 am.  Kevin is starting today since he only has 2 weeks.  He plans on walking 15 to 18 miles per day.  Hope to see him down the road.  H was a God send.  I’ll write more tomorrow keep sending me your prayers and thoughts it really helps

God bless.   Frankmy-travel-guide

Hello world!


Welcome to my journal recording my experiences preparing and walking the 2016 Camino. My goal is to walk 160 to  200 miles across Spain from Leon to Santiago in approximately one month. Why? It is complicated, I want to take some time to live life in a simple manor, to get away all the distractions of modern life. Just walking from one village to another and giving me time to reflect on my life, time to get closer to God. Hopefully my feet and body will hold out as I build a closer relationship with the Lord. Pray for me as I will pray for you.