imageimageimageimageIt’s complete we finished Thank God and all my family and friends we did it.  My arms are open to let you know we all did this journey to gether.  I will post a few pics but more later.  I received my certificate and certification that I walked 193 km.  All of you walked every step with me!  At times I wanted to quit but I thought of all of you and it kept me going.  Your prayers and support were the only reason I finished.

4 thoughts on “Compleato”

  1. Congratulations Frank!!!
    You are a mere shadow of your former self.
    When will we see you?
    You deserve a beer more than a gourmet coffee.
    Hurry home.

  2. I have to contact Irma Lynn’s not home went to the hospital and should be in a rehab place by now. I don’t have my house key and Irma has a spare key to the condo. Can’t wait to get home, with prayers and a little luck maybe in a couple of days
    Buen Camino

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