Last 2 Days

By tomorrow I should be on Santiago and then I will head home.  Today’s news is about a Camino bus that crashed.  I’m ok they make everyone wear seat belts in taxi or buses.  I will stay about 3.5 miles from my finish to night.  I can’t believe it’s almost done, yet it seems so long ago since I started.  Another little help from the Lord last night.  The man in charge of the pension left for the night, when I discovered I hadn’t made arrangements to ship my pack.  I worried but nothing to do about it so I walk the 3 flights to the street .  As I opened the door there he was with a friend, they worked together to book me and arrange to send my pack.  I do not know what I could do if I did not run into him but I’m beginning to trust that my needs will be taken care.

I will post a picture of me at the church of St James tomorrow.  I’m taking my time but this is the first break of the day.  I really needed my cafe con Leche since its 11:30 am

I’ll post more when I get to my pension.

Buen Camino