Only 20 km to go or 12.4 miles.  I walked over 5. 5 miles today and my knee was complaining.  With a mile to to to get to my hostel a wonderful man [angel] stopped me to ask if I needed help.  Of course I said no but he insisted.  “Can I give you a ride to town ?” No I can make it and I noticed the stubborn pride and said yes.  He was from Kenya but white and showed m me his cane.  He said he looks for pilgrims that need help and refused my offs of money.  Can you imagine paying an angel.  My lesson is to accept help and repay it by giving help to someone that needs it.  We have to let go of our pride, the Camino often humbles you but always provides help usually from a stranger or fellow pilgrim.  I stared the day with a wonderful note from Joe Camill, it stayed with me all day.  I will try to respond to night for I want to do it justice.  So many lessons, so many km I wish it could go on but my body will not hold together much longer.  I plan to write some personal life messages to my self when I finish and head back to Madrid.  It seems like I’ve been here for so long but it’s been only 3 weeks.  I love Spain, and its people and its beauty but I really miss home. I guess that’s the Camino teaching me to let go and start living my life Camino style.  Wow I’m getting heavy, and emotional and my eyes are tearing.  Now I understand how happy we can be that the end is in sight but how sad that this important challenge is ending.  Of course it will not end just changes direction.  I will continue my Camino as I walk familiar roads back home.  I can even have my cafe con Leche in McDonalds.  I Hope  I can stay focused on the new lessons.  Now I have finished my lunch and it’s time for my siesta.  Buen Camino


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  1. Yay you’re almost there Frank. Get those knees a good rest. Are you wearing a knee brace when you walk I do wear one when I go dancing & it helps me.
    I’m so glad that you’re getting close to your destination. I feel you. I’ve been reading your journey to Junn. Can’t believe what you’re doing and the more he admires you for doing it. I’m just imagining if Junn went with you, you with your knees & Junn with his hips. Be safe & take care. God Bless

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