In The Home Strech

I can’t believe it I’m heading home, only a few more days.  I planned on only walking 5 miles today, but the Camino had its own plans for me.  It took 6.3 mi to get here.  Of course there is no restaurant in the hostel, the nearest one was .2 miles down the street, and then .2 miles back.  So I’m close to 7 miles tonight.

Tomorrow is supposed to be only 8 km or 5 miles, but I’m sure it will be more to the last big city before Santiago., only 20 km or 12.4 miles to go from there.  I could do that in 2 days but with my knee I may have to take 3 days.  The hospitalero just put a blanket on my bed.  I left my fleece blanket that I bought at Dicks for $12 when I tried to reduce the weight of my pack.  Then I was introduced to the Machilla Express, a back pack delivery service.  The first company charged 7 Euros but I soon found out about Machilla Express they only charge 3 Euros. It works like a charm but you have to chose your hostel the night before and the walk to your machilla.

For anyone thinking about walking the Camino I do have a lot of advise and suggestions.  My socks and boots have worked well, for no blisters.  Of course my feet are tender on the bottoms.  I cut my big toe a few days before I left and I promised Evelyn to put antiseptic ointment on it every day and I have and it is healing  well.  I am losing weight and have my belt on the last hole.  I tried to wear my shorts without my belt to go to the shower room, and it felt like my pants would fall off.  I am sure I put on muscle too, I use the bastones or walking poles almost all the time,  My hands some time are sore at the end of the day from holding on to the poles especially downhill.

Well it’s getting close to my bed time (almost 9 pm) so I’d better close for today.  I miss you all and I’m looking forward to home.

Buen Camino and love



2 thoughts on “In The Home Strech”

  1. man o man, Frank!

    I am living every step along with you on your last few miles. I am so glad that you are not giving up, despite pain. I hope that every step you take will bring salvation to hundreds of souls. There is a new prayer I discovered recently to saving souls from a German mystic named Justine Klutz:

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you.
    Save priestly souls; save ALL souls.
    Grant I beseech you that thousands of souls be saved
    With every breath I take and every beat of my heart.

    Yep, we need to intercede for souls…especially those in our own families.
    Time is short; time is urgent; time is now.

    your neighbor, carol

  2. God bless you, Frank! Your words brought back memories of carrying a pack on trails and bikes. You feel every pound and you eventually get rid of everything you don’t absolutely need. I’m looking forward to talking to you when you return.

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