Melide on Rest Day

i have found a good wifi so I will up load some pictures.  Only 32 miles to go but it seems a world away.  I will be ok once I get going again.  Plan on walking 5 or 6 miles.  Not a big deal back home but the Camino ones down hill and then up hill on very rough trails.  They are often just rocky cow paths, no cars just cows and pilgrims. I still hear Tom saying little steps and Jeff reminding me there is pumkin bread when I get home.  It is very hard to follow the Tigers but I see they are still playing for a wild card.

So that you are not shocked to see me when I return I am posting a current picture of me. Don’t I look like I’m having fun?  The Camino truly is amazing but my next vacation will be a cruise or some thing where I do not walk.  It’s 8 pm here close to my bed time.  Lif is sure simple, just eat sleep and walk.  Cameron, I watched Real Madrid play against Portogal.  Madrid won 2 to 1.  I only watched the the first half in a bar.  Ok I will try to post some pics.

Buen Camino.  I miss you all

I am showing the wear and tear of the road.  Can't shave until I go to church at St. John's.
I am showing the wear and tear of the road. Can’t shave until I go to church at St. John’s.
Rain rain more than 3 days of bone chilling rain.  Friday promises to be sunny, thank god.
Rain rain more than 3 days of bone chilling rain. Friday promises to be sunny, thank god.
Some of the small villages on route are falling apart but the Camino is saving them.
Some of the small villages on route are falling apart but the Camino is saving them.
Slot machines in the bars
Slot machines in the bars


My clothes on the line before it rained now very hard to wash and dry your clothes.
My clothes on the line before it rained now very hard to wash and dry your clothes.
The hostel owner had me dress as St. James pretty good likeness don't you think
The hostel owner had me dress as St. James pretty good likeness don’t you think
The beer was delightful but not the octopus.  I'm sure Evelyn and Irma would love it.
The beer was delightful but not the octopus. I’m sure Evelyn and Irma would love it.
My favorite fruit, the green melon tastes like honey dew, only better
My favorite fruit, the green melon tastes like honey dew, only better


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  1. Back to my hostal and having a glass of red wine before going to bed. Hope you enjoy my pics. Time is getting shorter so I’m really trying to live in the now.
    Ok I’m going to bed so I can leave early tomorrow. Miss you all
    Buen Camino

  2. Good Morning, Frank!
    I really love all those pics and the interesting tidbits you share.
    This trip seems like it is going really quickly and it will be over before you know it.
    Hopefully the spiritual side is deepening and growing along with your beard!
    What is the weather like over there now?
    I do not know if you have to return home at a certain time but there are two things that I recommend you visiting. First of all, the city of Burgos. It is so beautiful. We passed through it so quickly and if I ever have the chance, I would go back in a heartbeat.
    What is truly amazing is GARABANDAL. This is the site of Marian apparitions to children in the Sixties. I will not reveal the story here, but I would certainly visit since you are going to be quite close. It might be good to ask around what people recommend about visiting. The admonitions of our Bl. Mother are quite strong there and millions of people have visited. Perhaps you can even acquire a book on the site to peruse at night before you fall asleep. At any rate, just a suggestion or two.
    By the way, I do like your beard. What does Evelyn think?

    Your favorite neighbor,


  3. Hi Frank,
    Rest assured that we all miss you. We talk about you every day, nothing good of course. Father Ron looks for you every morning about 9:15. It’s not the same without you. I bet your coffee is far superior to Mickey D’s.

    First your writing and now your look, the Earnest Hemmingway, persona.

    You are in the stretch now. One foot in front of another, one goal on the horizon after another and one prayer after another until you are home.

    I am excited to hear first hand about every detail of your pilgrimage. What you anticipated and what was reality and are you going back? You have given me the itch, should I go?
    You better have great notes, I have a ton of questions and great admiration for your feats.
    When will we see you again?

    God’s Speed,

  4. Carol- both towns are quite away from me. I thought about going to Fatima after Santiago but I’ll have to see how I feel, right now I’m very tired and have about 28 miles to go. My right knee is showing its age but with the help of my Meijer knee brace I hope to make it. The weather was hot when I started but after 3 days of rain it’s in the 50s and 60s. At least the sun just came out and I have showered and I’m waiting for the reqired 7 pm dinner hour. I should finish in 5 days or so , depending on my old body. To day like most days it was a steep down hill followed by a steep up hill. All darn day. The path is dirt and rocks not like the bike trail or side walk I trained on. I love the Camino and Spain but it is truly a challenge.
    Buen Camino

  5. I bet Father Ron is looking for his UofM friend usually showing up at 9:05. You are correct the coffee here is very strong but good with lots of steamed milk. I look forward to seating in McDonalds and reading your blog. You will have to give up shaving of course. This is difficult for an old man, I’m proud that I’ve come this far but I feel older than Chuck. This morning I had to cross a narrow bridge made of several large rocks pushed to gether. Everyone encouraged me an held their collective breath for if I slipped I would have gone swimming. All I could do is pray and focus. After I crossed I remembered if I fell in my IPhone is not rated for swimming. I lost my guide book so my back up is on the iPhone. I think that would be enough to just go home. I miss my family and friends but I’m so close to the finish line. Only 28 miles, a short drive but a long walk. I will have much advice to give you, but you have to buy the coffee and rolls at Panera.
    I’ll write more after dinner.
    Buen Camino

  6. Frank, I loved the picture of you as St. James. You’re walking in his footsteps. And I’m glad there’s a supply of wine on hand to smooth the rough edges. Yes, small steps, especially downhill steps, but you’re an expert by now at steps and the elements. We’re all praying for you and amazed at what you’re accomplishing. Don’t push as you get close to the finish line. Stay strong!

  7. Thinking about you! Not every step of the way however, just when I’m not chasing after grandkids! Remember the tortoise….

  8. Hi Frank
    Thanks for posting more pictures. They said that the yellow melon is much sweeter than the red one. Is that true. Nice picture of you dress as St. James. Don’t forget to include me in your prayer when you get to St. James. By the way you also look like Napoleon Bonaparte I don’t know how they cook the octopus there but if they cook it the way we do like adobo it would be yummyYou’re almost there and I know God & his angels are guiding you every step of the way Remember slow but sureGod bless

  9. Hi Frank,
    I been following your post. The Camino is nothing like you imagined. You seemed to have changed . In the beginning you seemed to more concerned about how far you have to walk. Now you seem to be getting more of the spiritual like you really planned. Surely this is an experience that you will never forget. It is more like a month long retreat. Praying for you.. See you in a couple of weeks.

  10. How about the snail? He and me are even slower. Slow but sure. I am walking about 6 or 7 miles today, I hope. I took a short cut from my hostel this morning and the Camino path went over the high way via a bridge. Both sides of the road were very steep and dangerous so I kept going and the cliff opened to a parallel woods. I went through it praying all the time. It was very difficult and I had to change directions twice. Finally it opened to the road with yellow arrows the Camino path. I just crossed a meadival bridge into a beautiful village. I will post a picture later. To night my postings may be few I’m staying in a small village and I’m not sure if they have wifi. Thanks your encouragement helped me find my way this morning. God Bless

  11. Hi Frank, Thinking of you on your journey. Keep at it pal. Also looking forward to all the stories about the experiences when you get home. Have some fun while you’re at it.

    Take care,
    Jim Jermanus

  12. I’m proud of you Dad!
    Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more about your adventure.

    You’re doing a great job, not everyone can do what you’re doing. You’ve set a goal for yourself, no matter the obstacles you’re pushing through one step at a time. Thanks for being a great role model and inspiring others.

    I’m cheering and praying for you!!
    Love you,
    Your favorite daughter Tina

  13. Keep praying my knee is crying out “no more down hills”. Someone is watching out for me. Today I chose to do a short walk 5 mi which turns out to be more like 6. As I was tiring and feeling sorry for myself a young girl passed me an ask are you ok. I told her I’m slow due to my knee. She gave me encouragement and then off she limbed. She had a brace on her left leg and even went down hill backwards. I think Gods message to me was others are suffering too so get on with it. I did and now I’m almost at my hostel for the night. Another 5 or 6 tomorrow and I’m only 12 miles from Santiago. I love you thanks for your support.
    Buen Camino

  14. Hi Frank,
    I am very proud and jealous of you. I do miss not going with you on this Journey through Spain to get closer to God. You are a very accomplished person in your life, no one need tell you that. My journey in faith is living each day to the best I can, your struggles inspire me in the petty annoyances that bother me each day, I do complain of many small things. Thank you for inspiring me again and again on this journey. I know it is very difficult now but just remember the many many people and family members that are praying for you. I just visited Deacon Chuck and Vivian they are pretty settled in, both look very well, and they are praying for you too. Take your time, I know you will, look up and see all the Angles above you helping you on. I can’t wait to hear some of the stories you have to tell.
    God Speed, my friend.
    Your Brother in Christ, Joe

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