On the way to Melindre

Ok today is Wed 9/14 for me.  I started today with 65 km to go or 40 mi.  Yesterday it rained hard and today so far lite rain.  I have traveled between 4   To 5 km.  Stopped to get dry and have a cafe con Leche.  I pray the rain stays light and that it clears up tomorrow.  The farmers need the rain.  I’ll write again when I catch up to my machilla.  


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  1. Hi Frank,

    Just looked at your last post but I will take to read it all later.

    Seems you are doing fine.

    We are praying for you and that the Camino provides you all you need.

    Take care my friend

    Rejean and Nathalie

  2. Hi Frank,

    First of all let me tell you that what you’re doing is indeed extraordinary! We are very proud of you.

    I am really sorry that Hector was not able to meet you last Aug 31st as both of you had planned. He must have told you that it was because of me. Oftentimes, unexpected things happen. Much as we would like to be in control – it is not our place to do so. I am sure Hector told you the reason. And I am positive he had asked that you include us in your prayers as you took your special journey.

    Let me tell you the good news – your prayers have been heard. We got the good news last Friday, Sept. 2nd. EVERYTHING IS OK. They say that prayers, coupled with self-sacrifice, are heard readily by the Lord. And that’s exactly what you did for us, Frank. Hector and I are very grateful.

    So please continue your special journey – it works and I am sure all your intentions for this pilgrimage will be answered – miracles happen before we know it. Keep on going. I am sure you will find who you have not yet become through this special passage. You will always be in our prayers.

    See you and Mg. Baby soon.


  3. Hi Frank,
    Finally catching up on your posts/pictures after being up north for about a week. Sounds like you are making great progress despite all the rain. Send me your next hostel address and I will send a flotation device to keep you safe:) Love all the pictures you are posting and wishing I could be brave enough to attempt what you are doing. I have decided to go cold turkey on the pumpkin bread until your return, so please walk faster and hurry back. Signed pumpkin bread deficient.

  4. I decided to take a rest day. Caught up with my sleep and bought salami, cheese and a roll for my lunch. Hopefully the rain will end tonight. I’m about 32.5 miles from Santiago still a good long walk. Soon I have to pick how far to walk tomorrow so I can send my pack. So glad to hear from more of my supporters back home. I really look forward to your comments and encouragement. It is hard to stay in the “now”, I want to look 32 miles down the road. I’ll write more later this wifi is slow.
    Buen Camino

  5. I’m having dinner and catching up on my mail. I lost my password to access my blog as administrator so I will try to recover it in order to up load more pictures. This day of rest is just what I needed. Now getting anxious to finish, but hope I miss more rain. I miss my family, friends and my car. Buen Camino

  6. Hi Frank, I am enjoying your pictures and reading about your progress. Don’t worry about your pace, remember that the last shall be first. Wishing you good weather and smooth trails.
    Bill Filliater

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