Wheels up in a few hours

I’m still packing and it’s a good thing because I’m too excited to sleep.  I really appreciated all the support everyone gave me today.  I’m sure that once I start walking I will settle down.  I will write again once I’m in the plane or in Spain.

Thanks again to everyone,   Frank


9 thoughts on “Wheels up in a few hours”

  1. Good luck. Hope you have good weather. But I remember the song says the rain in Spain never falls on the plains. So stay out of the mountains. Godd Bless

  2. Good luck Frank! Keep us all up-to-date on your whereabouts and goings-on. I’ll be thinking about you from my comfy couch with pumpkin bread in hand.

  3. I envy you I’m tired couldn’t sleep last night but still excited will get some rest before I head out
    They have great pumkin bread in Spain

  4. Prayers are with you on this journey…..take your time…enjoy….we will follow you…on this great journey…..I know joe wishes he went,who knows,maybe some day soon….Stephanie…and joe…

  5. Hi Frank,
    Walking the Camino has always seemed like an awesome way to commune with God without all the distractions of our day-to-day lives. I am happy for you, and I will be praying for your safe journey.
    Walk with God,
    Lorraine Zaksek

  6. Frank, I am very proud of you for this Journey, you have undertaken. I really wish I could have gone. You will be in the prayers of many people, so I know the Lord will bless this trip you are on. Keep in mind when you pray that each person of the Trinity is different so pray to each as needed on this trip. God the Father is the world around you, God the Son (Jesus) is in the life within you, and God the Holy Spirit will be with the people you come in contact with.
    God Bless, I will miss you on the men’s retreat, and at breakfast.

  7. Wow, Frank! You finally made it. I can hardly wait until you get on the road and tell us stories about what you encounter….
    I place you in the spiritual womb of the Bl. Mother and ask all the angels and saints to surround you with their protecting presence.
    Your neighbor…..
    Christmas Carol from Canton

  8. Joe the support you and Stephanie have extended to me have encouraged me more than you can know. The start is both exciting and chilling I keep asking myself what have I gotten my self into. The kind support and prayers help me believe I can do this. Thank you I will have such stories to bore you guys to death at coffee

  9. Miss you already Frank. Excited to hear all the details.
    Don’t forget to mark the trail for my future walk. You are my inspiration.


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