The Camino involves Walking and more Walking

Walking in the Mountains

I will start walking in the low mountains before the end of the first week.  I hope I will not be walking in the rain it will be hard enough to climb the hills without the mud.

3 thoughts on “The Camino involves Walking and more Walking”

  1. Hi Frank ,
    Glad to hear that you’re doing alright . So far so good . I’m sure that the Lord will be walking with you all the way . Just go slow and easy , you’ll get there no matter what . We will continue on praying for you . Always keep us in your prayers as well as you take your journey . Please be careful. We love you .

  2. Frank that is so nice you’re doing this.Remember to listen to your body how you feel coz you’re the only one that knows & that is right just walk at your own pace.
    Enjoyed reading your journey.
    Take care. You are in my prayers & God bless.Junn & the kids sends their love to you❤️

  3. Thanks Pepsie give Junn a hug for me. I am listening to my body and I’m doing great but some times it screams at me…wish Junior was with me to enjoy the pain and beauty. Check out the pics from the mountain crossing to day. Thanks for your support
    Regards Frank

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