Hello world!


Welcome to my journal recording my experiences preparing and walking the 2016 Camino. My goal is to walk 160 to  200 miles across Spain from Leon to Santiago in approximately one month. Why? It is complicated, I want to take some time to live life in a simple manor, to get away all the distractions of modern life. Just walking from one village to another and giving me time to reflect on my life, time to get closer to God. Hopefully my feet and body will hold out as I build a closer relationship with the Lord. Pray for me as I will pray for you.

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  1. Thank you I truly hoped to share the experience with my friends and hopefully inspire someone to walk. It was all that I hoped for, challenging but so so full filling. I have taken many of the lessons learned on the road home with me. One of my friends at church will walk the entire St. Francis trail starting the last week in April. It will be fun and exciting to read his blog as he encounters many more miles and challenges then me. The blog kept me going when I was tired or lame. I looked forward to the words of encouragement and support that I really needed. Let me know if you will take on the challenge it will truly change you for the better. You can update me at my email frankhazd@aol.com
    Buen Camino

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